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Axiom Work-from-Home Solutions

Ergonomics, health and wellbeing at home

As workplace strategy and design specialists, we understand the need for function and form in the workplace.

Now the workplace is dispersed, we can help you optimise your employees’ offices for remote work, so it promotes both wellness and productivity.

So let us work together with you to create an office space that reflects your workplace vision and culture.



  • Increase productivity

  • Improve staff wellbeing

  • Mitigate risk of OHS claims


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The process

Beginning with your evaluation and custom strategy, we’ll create a package that services your organisation’s exact needs. In deference to employee wellbeing and your organisation’s work from home policies and procedures, we can help you design and implement ergonomic workstation setups quickly and simply.

Available items for inclusion in your custom plan

Rapid, contactless delivery

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